If not now, when?
Hello there everyone!!

Obviously I got myself a new layout. :)) That's the main reason I haven't been updating, I was waiting for my layout to be posted up haha. Anyways, as you can all see my layout features Ron Weasly && Hermione Granger, also known as Rupert Grint && Emma Watson. The main reason I featured them is because I absolutely love the pair from the Harry Potter series. Just last month the epic series (movies) finally ended, and honestly I was devastated. :( I have been in love with the series since it came out when I was younger. So basically, I grew up with the series, getting psyched up every year a new installment was to come out. So yeah, I love the series. And I love the Ron/Hermione couple too. I am obsessed with them, haha. I just think that they're a super cute and real couple :). Their feelings for each other are so obvious yet they refuse to express it properly (until the final installment..of course). So yeah, that's it. This is to all the Ron/Hermione shippers out there!! To the Harry Potter series as well.

Before I sign off, thanks to JNSTER for the wonderful layout, without whom, I wouldn't be able to pay tribute to the real love of Ron & Hermione. :)) Thanks again!!

signing off,

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